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Usually the only time that you will see rust from your plumbing is if a cylinder starts to leak, however the damage is already done. Metal and water when together for long periods of time are subject to a reaction that produces rust. A Boiler Installation London engineer can replace an Anode. There is no cure, but you can slow it right down. There is a piece of metal that is shaped like a rod that sits in your immersion heater tank to halt the rust, and that is called an Anode. The Anode takes the place of the metal of the cylinder and rots instead as it is made from metal that will disintegrate first reducing the rusting of the cylinder.
It is not possible to see the condition of this Anode just looking at your water heater, so you must remove it. You will need to isolate the power and remove the anode using a wrench. Visually inspect it for deterioration at least twice a year; this will give a good idea of how long the anode will last. You should then include its replacement in your maintenance schedule. Boiler Installations London tradesmen know about Anodes. Replacement Anodes come in various shapes and sizes, so you will need to know which will fit your cylinder. The detail for this should be on a plate attached to the cylinder.


Switch off the power supply to the immersion heater. Then, isolate the cold-water inlet valve on the top of the heater. Undo the hexagonal bolt that secures the Anode in place and remove it. Fit the new Anode in the reverse order to the removal process.

Use Teflon tape on the threaded fitting to prevent leaks. Turn the water and power to the water heater back on.

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