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July 26, 2014
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September 14, 2014

You may be planning to carry out work on your plumbing system, or you may have detected a leak. If this is the case, then you will need to drain at least part of it before you can commence work. If you have detected a leak then you will need to be able to do this quite quickly, it helps if you know the location of the mains water stopcock or any other relevant valves. Lets say that you are doing some work to the system. Firstly, isolate the main stopcock on the rising main to cut off the supply to the kitchen tap and to all the other cold taps. Open up the cold tap until the water flow ceases. In order to isolate the bathroom taps, you ashould close the valve on the appropriate cold feed pipe from the storage tank and open all taps on that section. If you can’t find a valve, rest wooden batten across the tank and tie the arm of the float valve to it. This will shut off the supply to the tank, so you can empty it by running all that the cold taps in the bathroom. If you can get into the loft, turn off the main stopcock, then run the cold taps. A London Boiler Installation operative can drain all systems. To Drain The Hot Water from Taps And Pipeswork you should, isolate the immersion heater or boiler, then close the valve on the cold feed pipe to the cylinder and open up the hot taps. Even when the water stops flowing, the cylinder is full. If there isnt a valve fitted to the cold feed pipe, tie up the float valve arm, then turn on all taps in the bathroom to empty the storage tank. (If you run the hot taps first, the water in the tank will flush all the hot water from the cylinder). When the call taps run dry, open the hot taps. In an emergency, open hot and cold taps to clear the pipes as quickly as possible. To Draining From A WC Cistern you need to empty the WC cistern by tying up the float valve arm and flushing the WC. London Boiler Installations only supply skilled tradespeople.

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