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Fit a New Pump
July 1, 2014
Draining Options
September 14, 2014

Here are a few revision pointers to consider. The Boiler should be regularly serviced to keep in tip top working condition and prolong its life and efficiency.
This includes safety checks to make sure there are no hazardous gases being leaked. The flame in the boiler should be blue. London Boiler Installation use professional operatives. If it is burning yellow there is a problem. If you have any work done on your boiler is should always be undertaken by a registered professional. If it is a sealed system under pressure, visually check the pressure at regular intervals to ensure it is within the manufacturers specifications. Ant taps in the home that are dripping should not be left alone but should be dealt with . A cistern with a damaged or perished washer will fail at some point and not at the best time. When using a wrench on appliances like taps, cover them with an old rag or cloth so as not to scratch it. Always make a point of finding your main stopcock, so that it can isolated in an emergency. A London Boiler Installations operative is a trained professional.
Make some time to find and label the other valves you have in the house. Any pipes that are regularly exposed to sever weather must be insulated. Before the winter months you should go around the house and visually inspect your pipework, especially in the attic and basement if you have them. Isolate any outside plumbing like the garden tap when the cold weather begins. Bath and shower drains will easily block with hair etc. so it’s a good move to fit the drains with a removable filter. These need to be checked at regular intervals. If you need to unblock a drain, try using a plunger rather than chemical solutions. Fit a leaf guard to uutside drains so they wont block with leaves and moss etc. Always keep your local plumbers name and number handy just in case.”

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