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April 27, 2014
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The single room thermostat is not nearly really enough to control everything in the home effectively. Should a kitchen door or maybe an upstairs window be left open, this thermostat in the living room will not be aware. The most cost effective and sensible way would be to fit thermostatic radiator valves to every radiator. Automated central heating controls are really best suited for use with gas-fired or maybe oil fired central heating systems. Solid fuel systems (for example coal or coke) are really slow to change their temperatures, so accurate control is difficult. Boiler Installations London can advise on temperature control.


There are programs called optimisers which can monitor temperatures all around the house and the system can then adjust itself for the most efficient temperature spread.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves:

The TRV is a very good and really easy to fit option as it will let you adjust the temperature of any room on its own. A great addition to make to your system is to fit thermostatic radiator valves in your kitchen and bedroom, so you can control the temperature in those rooms while the main room thermostat controls the boiler.

Zone Control Valves:

Should your home be easily and clearly divided into different zones that can be shut down at various times during the 24-hour period, you will be able to fit the zone control valve to your system. This then can be set up to suit the way your household uses its heating through the day. A Boiler Installation London plumber can fit this.

Program Timer:

The timer is fitted so you can adjust the time when your central heating and hot water come on and off. It sometimes has a rotary style clockwork mechanism, or a digital version.

Room Thermostats:

These normally sit on the wall at about head height in the living room. They control the central heating pump and boiler on temperature.

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