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March 14, 2016
How to choose the right combination boiler for your property
April 20, 2016
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When dealing with boiler installation London, there are many types to choose from:

Combi boiler
A combination boiler, or what most people calla combi boiler, is an instant system where you can turn the tap and then hot water instantly runs flowing from it. The system does not need storage to hold the water as it comes straight from the source. Usually this type of boiler has a good flow rate without the need of a water tank.
It is typically cost effective for budget households that don’t want to break the bank for a costly heater. Most people in the UK use this type of boiler.

Conventional boiler
This heater is a traditional boiler and you can mostly find it in old homes. Usually it was installed long ago and there is a tank to store the water in. A storage unit with a cylinder shape and pump is part of the system to make the boiler work. The hot water is then pumped through to flow.
A conventional boiler is still used these days because of the hot water demand. It is ideal if you have a large property that needs a huge volume of water.

System boiler
A system boiler works with a storage cylinder and it usually does not need a tank. The simple boiler is often chosen due to its simplicity and components because it comes with the whole unit being inseparable.
It is not difficult to choose which boiler fits into your household. Depending on your needs and how many family members are inside your house, you can determine which boiler to install.
Make sure that it is cost effective without putting your electricity bill over the top.

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