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Boiler installation London
January 7, 2015
Boiler installations London 3
January 7, 2015

When you contact us at Boiler Installation London to carry out your boiler or heating connection work, you can relax assured that you are in safe hands. We are flexible and dependable and most importantly we always work to find answers to meet customer expectations and budgets. We always offer extended warranties on boilers and also expert care heating cover packages.
At Boilers Installation London, we always aim to save the consumer’s money. We normally advise the clients to replace ageing boilers and heating components that will last longer and cause fewer problems over the long term. This will benefit the client with lower cost of support as well as reduced fuel bills.
When a client is at a crossroad on whether to repair of replace the boiler in his apartment, we are the right people to offer the advice. We at Boilers Installation London will not hesitate to advise whether to maintain the boiler and just repair since it is very much economical to repair than to replace. You can count on receiving frank and honest opinion from our experienced team of experts. They will always advise you on the best course of action after inspecting your boiler.
We at Boiler Installation London always hold our clients very dear to us; hence with the new legislation it requires all new gas installations to be logged with the local authorities. This is very essential when it comes to the time you will require to rent a property or to sell it. It is essential to heed that not all engineers are passed to make the required notification. And as an added service and potential saving you from substantial sum of money, you Boiler Installations London engineers will always carry out this formality on you behalf. We do this because we always value our customers.

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