What to consider when replacing a conventional boiler with a new combination boiler

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April 20, 2016
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May 5, 2016
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You must know the time when you actually need to plan about boiler replacement London. For instance, moving to a new residence, when your boiler breaks down or when your boiler has been working for 15 years could the reasons to replace your old system to a new one. Combi boilers are becoming more and more popular because of their attractive features. It is always a fantastic idea to replace a conventional boiler with a combination or a combi boiler, especially when you require great performance with an energy saving scheme.

Before planning to install a new combi boiler, it is very important to establish the already installed heating system and the type of arrangements you require.
A conventional boiler is usually a heat-only boiler consisting of 2 cold water tanks in the loft space and 1 hot water tank normally kept in the airing cupboard.

A system boiler is also a heat-only boiler without requiring the feed and expansion of cold water tanks in the loft. On the other, a combi boiler does not require any cold or hot water tanks at all to perform its duty. In fact, when you turn on the tap of hot water, the boiler will fire up, heating the water coming out of the water pipes. Combi boilers are considered more efficient as they do not need tanks to store the hot water.

Combi boilers are considered the best for boiler replacement London because of several reasons. The most attractive benefit to replacing the conventional boiler with a combi boiler is to get a huge saving of energy and money. The combi boiler does not heat the water all the time whether it is required or not but provides the hot water only when required, so you can save fuel and money as well.

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